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Easy Press Release Template

One of the hardest things about being a small business owner is that there are so many tasks you have to do for yourself. If you own a salon or a restaurant, you probably never took a class on how to write a press release. But, learning how to write a press release isn’t that difficult and can make a big difference in the kind of publicity you can gain for your business.

The ultimate goal of a press release is to create an article that has all the information a reporter needs to write the story you want him or her to write.

The template for a press release is not difficult:

1. Headline: Write a catchy that headline you would want to see in print.

2. Dateline: Include the city of origin, and the date of the press release.

3. Lead Sentence: As with any good story, start with an interesting sentence.

4. Copy Body: Tell the story, you want to tell, add quotations from key members of your staff.  Remember, the most important part of creating a press release is to make sure you have an interesting story to tell.

5. Boilerplate & media contact info: You’ll want to develop a quick paragraph about your company that can be included in any press release you write. You’ll also want to make sure to include information about who a reporter or member of the public should call if they have questions.

Let us know how this worked out for you. We would be happy to review your press release. Simply contact us for more information. 

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