Facebook Advertising

My social media advertising services are the most robust services offered by an independent marketing professional and the fastest and easiest way to generate results on social media. I carefully target specific demographics based on detailed industry research, consultations, advanced technology and strategies and your client intake sheet. Some benefits of purchasing an advertising package include increased website traffic, lead generation and new sales. I can optimize your advertising for a specific goal, for example if you want more clicks, more video views, etc. 

So sit back and relax and let me take it from here. I will:

  • Create engaging social media advertisements that are statically proven to capture attention. From creating adverting copy to adding the most effective colors and images, I will use best practices that guarantee impressions. 
  • Use advance targeting functions to reach your target demographic – including remarketing those who have previously shown interest
  • Analyze data to ensure that your monies are being allocated effectively
  • Monitor and optimize your ads in real-time and modify or update images or text appropriately
  • Perform A/B testing of ads to gather audience response 
  • Make decisions based on the performance of your campaigns


Our recent Blog Postings & Research to Help you Make your Decision:


Someone asked me what Facebook does for your sites rankings .Facebook search is getting better and better, you’ll have enough reasons to dig a little deeper in your Facebook reach and engagement. Facebook Page Insights helps you do this..