Facebook Management

The Facebook Management package is designed to maintain, grow and promote your brand’s online presence on Facebook. We will help you build relationships with potential clients/customers. I’ll create engaging content, post at an agreed upon schedule, and monitor and provide monthly reports on your Facebook engagement and demographics*

To help grow your business on Facebook, MarketME by Brie will focus on content, interactions, and awareness. We will write and post content to your Facebook page that engages potential clients – creating awareness and follower growth, and ultimately new sales. 

*Additional Fee

So What Exactly Is Included and at What Cost?

Each package is tailored to your business, and we offer monthly or yearly prices at your convenience. If you choose a yearly package, you could save over $200 on services.

See our prices and inclusions here. All prices are a starting point as each project is individually analyzed and priced accordingly to receive optimum leads relevant to your business. 

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Be cautious of social media management companies that guarantee a certain number of followers and guarantee you new sales! No legitimate advertiser would guarantee you new sales, as no one has control over consumer purchasing power except for the individual. What we can do; however, is influence and encourage their purchasing decisions.


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Someone asked me what Facebook does for your sites rankings .Facebook search is getting better and better, you’ll have enough reasons to dig a little deeper in your Facebook reach and engagement. Facebook Page Insights helps you do this..