Google Advertising

You can advertise your business directly on Google for specific keywords. Google is query based so when someone types in a specific query, your ads will show up directly in front of them based on what they type in. For example, if someone types in “Eye Doctor in Philadelphia, PA” we can have an eye doctor advertisement show up directly in front of them. We specialize in all 3 geo-targeting options (local, national, international). No matter if you want a small local campaign, or a large national one, we’ve got you covered. MarketME by Brie knows the methods and best practices on how to approach each targeting situation so that your advertising dollars will be spent in the most effective manner. 

Our approach for our pay-per-click (PPC) marketing begins with strategy, which involves extensive research, as well as planning compelling ad copy, uncovering niche audiences and laying out specific ads. Once a strategy is in place, we move to execution stage. Our team of experts is fully hands on with executing the custom strategy for our clients. Once the strategy is in place we begin to review analytic data. We use high quality, advanced data to determine the best way to optimize our campaigns for the best results.


Our recent Blog Postings & Research to Help you Make your Decision:

Banner Ad Placements Drive Consumers to Your Business

Your Banner Ad is doing more to drive Consumer confidence in your company and increase sales. In a study conducted by SpecificMedia & ComScore, panel of 2 million consumers were divided into two groups. One group was exposed to banner advertisement and second group was not exposed to banner advertisement.