I enjoy challenges. If you have a social media challenge, please contact me to allow me to help you through it. I will work with you to bring your business and brand to the forefront.

Still don’t believe me? View some of my past work and read some of my case studies below, and remember, you don’t need to be a millionaire to advertise like one. You work hard for your money, so make your money work hard for you.

Here’s just a small sampling of businesses and brands we have helped on social media:

Music Artist

A music label asked MarketME by Brie for assistance with brand reputation and social media management for an upcoming artist releasing his new single.

Services used: YouTube Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Facebook Advertising

Before MarketME by Brie

  • 500+ followers (Instagram)
  • 1-2 engagements/day/post
  • 183 Fans (Facebook)
  • 200 Video views (YouTube)
  • 0 comments on YouTube videos

After 2 months of MarketME by Brie

  • 7.1K+ followers (Instagram)
  • 18 engagements/day/post
  • 1.4K+ Fans (Facebook)
  • 18K+ video views (YouTube)
  • 24 comments on YouTube videos

After 9 months of MarketME by Brie


Additional Music Artists who Benefited from Hiring MarketME by Brie:




Fitness Center

MarketME by Brie assisted a local fitness center during their grand opening. The campaign was initially meant to be 2 months; however, with such great results, the center signed up for 1 year of services by MarketME by Brie.

Services used: Instagram Management & Advertising, Twitter Management & Advertising, Facebook Management & Advertising

After 2 months of MarketME by Brie

  • 1.7K+ followers (Instagram)
  • 179 followers (Twitter)
  • 1.3K+ fans (Facebook)
  • 6 engagements/day (Facebook)
  • Over 200 sign ups/gym memberships due to social media advertising.

Before MarketME by Brie

  • 23 followers (Instagram)
  • 19 followers (Twitter)
  • 59 Fans (Facebook)
  • 0 engagements/day/post

Additional fitness centers who have benefited from our services:

Additional brands, businesses and companies who have benefited from our services:

Insurance Agencies

Law Firms

Clothing brands

Real Estate Companies / real estate Agents

Product Launches

Dentist Offices

Beauty / Salon

Lifestyle Blogs